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We recently worked with Sharpe Studio and were really satisfied with the service provided. Undertaking a new challenge with hip hop, Jonas Sharpe was excellent at following instructions but not afraid to make some personal, artistic choices either. We ended up keeping several of these choices in the final mix. Sharpe Studio is fast, efficient and a place to take your mix to the next level.” – Lasse Jensen, Fejlkode32.

“We recorded our first low-key acoustic song at Sharpe Studio. As a heavy rock band, we were trying out alternative approaches to the song writing. Jonas Sharpe’s great recording and mixing skills combined with his huge creativity was the perfect match for us. He knew exactly what kind of sound we were looking for and he did a superb job realising our vision for the song. We’re definitely coming back!” –¬†Jeppe Rasmussen, Sonic Moon.

Follow this link to watch the video to Among Sheep on YouTube.